Doors with Privacy Glass

Starting Price $1,499

Doors with Privacy Glass

Starting Price $1,499
Doors with Privacy Glass

Doors with Privacy Glass

Starting Price $1,499
Starting Price $1,499



  • Privacy Glass Allows Light In But Not Eyes
  • Durable, Energy Efficient Doors with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in Fiberglass or Steel
  • Insulated Frame

    Filled with polyurethane insulation by a computer driven process that ensures the optimal foam fill for maximum energy efficiency and strength. .

  • Bulb & Blade Sweep

    Keeps drafts out at the bottom of your door.

  • one-touch-storm-door-closer-53514.1551078503.1280.1280.jpg
    Heavy Duty Metal Threshold

    Wide thermal barrier wood-lock riser that will not warp or rot while providing excellent energy efficiency.

  • Heavy Duty Weatherstripping

    Q-Lon weatherstripping runs along the sides and top of the door for the most efficient seal you will find for keeping moisture, wind and dirt out of your home.

  • Double Pane Glass

    Double pane glass enhances energy efficiency and warranted against glass breakage

  • Security Plate

    A 20 guage security plate inside the frame where the lock engages adds extra security and helps prvent against kick-ins.

  • Ball Bearing Hinges

    Heavy duty ball bearing hinges ensure your door opens and closes smoothly thousands of times.

  • Multi-Step Finishing Process

    A multi-step process using several coats and oven drying means your door never has to be painted and will look brand new for years to come.

  • 20 guage security plate adds extra strength and protects against "kick-ins"
  • Frame Saver Wood Frame with finger jointed composite bottom prevents water absorption and carries a lifetime warranty
  • Polyurethane core increases energy efficiency and reduces energy loss
  • Maintenance-free aluminum frame and overlapping edge seal out weather
  • Heavy duty ball bearing hinges come standard
  • Energy efficient weatherstripping runs along the top and sides of the door
  • High performance, heat resistant window trim warranted not to warp, crack or pull away from the door
  • Heavy duty threshold has a wide thermal barrier wood look riser that will not warp or rot
  • Bulb and blade sweep virtually elimates drafts

Door Material Comparison

Material Smooth Fiberglass 20 Gauge Steel Premium Woodgrain Fiberglass
Insulated Frame No Yes Yes
Sweep Fixed Bottom Sweep Bulb & Blade Bulb & Blade
Heavy Duty Metal Threshold Yes Yes Yes
Q-Lon Weatherstripping Yes Yes Yes
Hinges Regular Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Heavy Duty Ball Bearing
Warranty 20 Years, 5 Year Finish Lifetime Lifetime
Pre-Hung Yes Yes Yes
Custom Size Available No Yes Yes
Double Pane Glass Yes Yes Yes
Security Plate No Yes Yes


  • Manufacturer:
  • Material:
    20 Gauge Steel
  • Door Height:
  • Door Width:
    30", 32" or 36"
  • Rough Opening Size:
    Add 1.5" to Height & Width(36x80 = 37.5x81.5)
  • Bore Type:
    Double Bore
  • Glass Size:
    Full, 2/3 or 1/2
  • Locks:
    Included, Choose Above
  • Door Type:
    Exterior Pre-Hung
  • Number of Hinges:
  • Frame Material:

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