Buying Guide

Buying a Storm Door can be a challenging experience but our simple guide is designed to help you find the perfect Door. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us for help.

Ventilation: RollScreen or Interchangeable Screen

Storm Doors come with one of two basic ventilation features:

RollScreen Storm Doors convert instantly into Screen Doors. Pull down the RollScreen to reveal a screen in the top portion of your door. Pull the RollScreen back up and the screen disappears into the frame of your door.

Interchangeable Screen Storm Doors allow for seasonal ventilation. During warmer days pop out and replace the inner glass frame of your door with a screen frame (no tools required). When not in use, store your glass or screen in a nearby closet.

Right Size

Standard Storm Doors are typically 32 or 36 inches wide and 81 inches high. Many doors come in 30 and 34 inch wide varieties as well as Custom Sizes specifically for your entry. See our How to Measure guide in the Resources section for help or contact us for Professional Measurement Services.


Choose from Full, Three-Quarter, or Half-Glass designs based on your preference. Full Glass doors will show off the majority of your Entry Door. Three-Quarter Glass doors include a frame covering the bottom 25% of the door. Half Glass doors include glass only on the top half of the door.


Storm Doors are available in over 10 different colors. White is the standard and typically least costly option but varieties include Sandstone, Red, Green, and more. Not all doors come in every color.


Last, select a Hardware Handle Set for your door. Options include Brushed Nickel, Brass, Bronze and more. As with colors, not every Handle Set is available with every door.

Our goal is to help you find exactly the right Storm Door for your home. If you have any questions or need help you can reach us at "or" 973-759-1161